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DIN rail-mounted Terminal Blocks

The DIN rail-mounted terminal block series cover the minimum (1.5mm²) and maximum (240mm²) type which is one of complete category and high performance series launched by UTL. Such kind of connection technology saves 50% time on connecting, meanwhile, guarantees the reliable and maintenance-free connections, as well as is not affected by operating person’s working ability. During the past decades of UTL’s development, based on the original successful technology, further connection technologies were launched gradually, including screw series, direct push-in series, spring series, base type terminal series and bus-bar series. In addition, each series also contains a wide variety of accessories, such as terminal cover, stopper, cross connection adaptor, test plug and mark bar, etc. Adhering to the concept of rail-mounted connection technology, the reliability and safety of electrical equipment can be improved by above accessories.


Electric Control Cabinet, Elevator, Rail transportation, High-voltage transmission, electrical control equipment.

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